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  • Electromagnetic interference shield paint
  • Electrically conducting paint
  • Undercoat paint

We were presented by various media!

"Business LAB" -- complete coverage of companies in the spotlight
Broadcast on Japan's BS satellite TV on Sunday each week, the program "Leader & Innovation - a shrewd man's choice" features the Business LAB special corner.
The corner introduces hot products, unique services, and top employees active at companies in the forefront of their field.
September 18, 2011's episode showcased Edogawa Gosei, Co. Ltd.
Interested viewers are encouraged to have a look!

Research and Development

A full range of value-added quality and functionality tailored to customer requirements: durability, enhanced sanding property, excellent adhesion, abrasion and chemical resistance, etcc Contact us and tell us what you need!

Product / Environment management

Quality Management System

Edogawa Gosei is certified for the ISO 9001, ensuring and enhancing the quality of our products through our secured data sharing system which manages the data of over a thousand custom made paints we developed.

Quality Management System

Environment Management System

Edogawa Gosei is certified for the ISO14001 and Sony Green Partner (environment management system standards established by Sony Corporation) and ensures our research and development stay relevant to the future of the environment.

Environment Management System

Management Policy

Change@We appreciate change and the need for change and act on it swiftly.@Challenge@Challenges are opportunities.  We will explore new ideas and possibilities.@Customer Satisfaction@The customer always comes first.  We do whatever it takes to enhance customer satisfaction.@Environment@We reduce environmental burdens and protect health and safety.
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